Knowledge Transfer

Dena has developed a technology that brings together materials by a patented process that causes a surface reaction at the molecular level along with proprietary mixing and homogenising brings together materials that don’t want to bond with each other. However because of this technology an incredibly strong but versatile material is extruded.

Time Required To Train People To Use The Lines

These lines are relatively easy to operate as the most complex parts of the process are automated and managed via CPU.

The length of time to train an operative is approximately one week.

Training Screen
Training Machine

Nano Tile And Traditional Roof Tile Comparison

Dena Nano Roof Tile Material
(Highlighted blocks show where Nano Tiles supersede Slate or Ceramic)

Slate or Ceramic Roof Tile

100% water resistant (water will not penetrate or be absorbed)

Some Terracota tiles over a period of time will allow some egress of water then the tile will fragment as the weather freezes.

100% Insect proof

100% Insect proof

Fire Resistant

Fire Resistant

Ultra Violet resistant

Ultra Violet resistant

Superior flexural strength

Will break or shatter if undue pressure applied or dropped

Will not absorb most petrochemical products can be wiped clean

Will stain and be very difficult to clean

Resistant to salts of all types

Resistant to salts of all types

Designed to be reusable hundreds of times (finished products can be recycled several times to manufacture new products)

May be re-usable but will never be as new again

Ideal for weather insulation (heat, sun radiation)

Poor insulative properties retaining and transmitting hot and cold weather

Good sound insulation

Poor sound insulation

Ideal in humid areas. Breathable material

Poor in humid location and encourages condensation leading to damp

Several lengths available. Designed as standard sizes or as special request sizes (subject to quantity)

Fixed sizes inflexible material bespoke sizes would be very expensive to make

Easy to clean

Special equipment and special detergents required to clean

Totally safe to use

Heavy to handle easy to break giving the fitter a greater chance of accident

Impact proof

Easily broken by dropping or through trying to fix to the roof spars

Can be drilled, nailed and screwed or sawn

Difficult to nail can’t be screwed directly or cut to size without an angle grinder

Supports adhesive use

Cannot be glued instead the use of cement is applied and this is not flexible but becomes brittle and will cause further problems at a later date

Paint and coating is not needed to our products. However, if needed can be done

Can be painted

Easily to change the softness or the hardness of the materials by changing formulations to suit the product applications

Cannot change the rigidity for differing application

Available in various colours and shapes

Fixed to colours and shapes

Can be walked without fear of breaking the tile because of its flexibility

Cannot be walked on without fear of breaking the tiles